Gemini | Cruelty-Free Premium Mink Lash

Gemini | Cruelty-Free Premium Mink Lash

The Gemini lash was named after it's versatile and adaptable style. This lash was designed to adapt and look flattering on all eye shapes and makeup looks. The Gemini lash has more length in the middle and shorter on the inner and outer edges of the band, which will help open up the eyes. Perfect for those who like the full big doll eye effect.


Material: 100% premium mink hair

Length: 15mm

Shape: Round

Volume: Medium

*Could be used up to 20 times.


ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Our Cruelty-Free Premium Mink Lash Collection is made with 100% premium mink hair. The hairs are collected during shedding season and are 100% cruelty-free. Made on a thin flexible band to be extra comfortable and lightweight on everyone. Can be worn up to 20 times with proper care.